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Real Estate Daily


The Problem

With over 250 sources of real estate news, market data, information  and expert content, there is no easy and effective  way  for real estate professionals to sort through the noise to quickly find the information critical to their success. Additionally, there is no single trusted source for real estate professionals to find vetted tools and resources to augment their sales toolkit.

The Big Idea

To solve this problem, we created Real Estate Daily, a created a content aggregation hub that curates and publishes real estate news, professional insight and resources from hundreds of sources worldwide. Our real esate information hub is uniquely designed to bring relevant professional content to the entire industry, from brokers and agents to appraisers, investors title professionals, commercial brokers, propery managers and mortgage originators.

Mission Statement

We will make Real Estate Daily the first stop for real estate professionals for breaking  news, professional  insight, market  data and cutting-edge tools. We provide a comprehensive look at the day's essential headlines on a single website with these goals:

  1. Become the daily, "first stop in the morning" for real estate news, insight and expert information
  2. Become the "default index" for relevant, high-quality news data and professional information
  3. Leverage the web and social media as a powerful "crowd sourced content editor"

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