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Rare Investment Opportunity

VivaQuant is at an inflection point and poised for strong growth. Our technology is proven, our RX-1 device is cleared for marketing by the FDA, we initiated a limited RX-1 launch in April, and plan to start scaling up in July. We project revenues of $1.4 M and near break-even cash flow in 2019 and 2020 (December 31 year end). As of March 31, we have a firm order backlog of $425,000. Proceeds from the MNvest offering will be used for marketing, sales, product development, and general business purposes.

We believe we will achieve positive cash flow in 2021 with sales growing to about $45 M in 2023. The premoney valuation of this offering is $15 M, about a 60% discount relative to valuation computed from discounted cash flow and future EBITDA. We are targeting a liquidity event within 5 years and expect that investors will receive an annual rate of return of at least 25%. Our team will work tirelessly to make this happen.

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